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Pixel Film Studios – PROPATH – Controller professional camera path for FCPX | Mac OS X | 33 MB.

Take your audience on a journey with PROPATH of Pixel Film Studios. With this tool, you can create a camera path up to five 3D camera moves in one shot without setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. Design soft and simply moving the onscreen controls in the Viewer window complex routes. Then use the camera controls to change the angle and depth of field to create unique views.

Camera animations without keyframes
Track points on a map or draw focus on a person in a photo class without setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. PROPATH ™ allows users to create paths camera with up to five points simply using the onscreen controls in the viewer window FCPX.

3D camera controls
Having drawn their way into the viewer window FCPX can use the camera controls in the Inspector to create a unique 3D viewing experience. Twist and turn your way from point to point and focus frame using controls depth of field. PROPATH ™ is a great way to take pictures and images stuck in a fun and engaging journey in Final Cut Pro X.

Controls screen FCPX
Frame your video exactly as you want without having to play with numbers or controls in the FCPX Inspector. Use the onscreen control frames and handle angle to perfectly select the focus along the camera path areas. Never the 3D camera movements have been so easy!

Add a light source in FCPX
Use PROPATH ™ to place your image in a 3D environment by adding a light. Then customize the color of the light source, brightness, falloff and position with easy to use controls in the window of Final Cut Pro X Inspector.

Ken Burns Style
Carry Ken Burns Effect to the next level in Final Cut Pro X with PROPATH ™. By adding 3D camera angles and depth of field to your Ken Burns zoom effect can create even more intriguing you are with your photos.


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