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Boom Recorder 8.7.0 – Audio recorder for live events, film.
Size: 8.22 MB

Boom Recorder is a multitrack field recorder. It has been designed to be used during the high stress production of a tv/film shoot, a concert, or a live stage performance. Boom Recorder has many metadata fields that is are used during a film production, making it easy to keep track of the many audio files in post production. For concerts and live stage performances it is possible to record up to 128 (Boom Recorder Pro) tracks continuously for many hours.


16-bit, 24-bit integer, and 32-bit float sample formats.
48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz, and other sample rates, with optional fake pull up for each.
Broadcast WAVE Format (BFW) audio file format; compatible with most digital audio and video editing workstations.
Can either jam or continuous sync against timecode signal read from any audio channel, or use wall clock time in cases where no timecode signal is available.
Long recordings are continued over multiple 2 GB audio files.
multi-polyphonic file handling; allows multiple copies of audio in mono, stereo, and polyphonic audio files.
Stores metadata such as project, scene, take, roll, date, and track names in the iXML chunk and in the sound reports.
Solution for reading BWF files into Final Cut Pro with timecode.


Version 8.7.0:

Fix Unicode text-drawing bug in matrix view
Disable screen saver and power saver during recording and playback
Added Open/Save Preferences to the file menu to open and save your preferences
Added a ring buffer size slider to the preferences


OS X 10.7.5 or later, 64-bit processor


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